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The Office of James Burnett focuses on creating landscapes that transform perspectives and evoke emotional responses, creating unique and unforgettable sensory experiences. The firm’s work imaginatively unifies the relationship between landscape and architecture, ensuring unique compositions that satisfy the demands of both form and function.

OJB’s design process conceives original and inventive landscapes within the framework of context and function, mitigating site challenges with creative and innovative solutions. The firm is committed to an inclusive, exploratory process that engages and inspires project stakeholders and collaborators; OJB’s multi-disciplinary approach has sustained the relevance of the firm throughout its 28-year history as it continues to challenge the conventional boundaries of landscape architecture.

Jim founded the Office of James Burnett in 1989 in Houston, Texas. While modest, the firm’s early projects were thoughtful and composed, quickly establishing OJB as a leader in the field of landscape architecture. By 2003, OJB opened a second office in San Diego, CA. The new location expanded OJB’s reach to the west coast and the firm quickly grew quickly. In 2013, OJB opened its Boston office and currently employs 60 professionals throughout the firm. The firm is unique in that team members from different offices collaborate closely on projects across the country, facilitating the sharing of knowledge between staff and providing a high level of professional services for clients.

OJB has received more than 80 design awards, including the American Society of Landscape Architect’s 2015 Firm Award, consecutive Urban Open Space Awards from the Urban Land Institute recognizing Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City OK (2015) and Klyde Warren Park in Dallas TX (2014), and three Honor Awards from ASLA for Sunnylands Center & Gardens in Rancho Mirage CA, the Brochstein Pavilion at Rice University in Houston TX, and the Reid Residence in Houston TX. James Burnett is the recipient of the 2016 ASLA Design Medal.