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  • 地区:美国
  • 地址:Pier 33 North, The Embarcadero Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94111
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SURFACEDESIGN INC. is a landscape architecture and urban design firm based in San Francisco, California. This internationally award-winning practice focuses on creating dynamic masterplans, parks, plazas, waterfronts, civic landscapes and private gardens. Under the leadership of James A. Lord, Roderick Wyllie and Geoff di Girolamo, a multidisciplinary staff of landscape architects, urban designers and architects provide clients with a wide range of services. The firm’s approach emphasizes and celebrates the unique context of each project, and in the case of a public client, the project’s constituency. Working to cultivate a common understanding about project objectives through community engagement, SURFACEDESIGN employs innovative design strategies to balance social, environmental and cultural goals for each project. SURFACEDESIGN has extensive international experience working on notable public waterfront projects in Sydney, Auckland, San Francisco and Lisbon.

SURFACEDESIGN INC. works with developers, architects, and planning officials to create sustainable and engaging landscapes and master plans for urban and residential contexts through the integration of storm water systems, road networks, streetscapes and open space. Each project requires engagement with a diverse group of agencies, community groups, developers, architects, and planning officials to create memorable public landscapes. Our interdisciplinary team offers a full complement of services addressing the built environment’s planning and design. Working in close collaboration with clients, we seek out sustainable, innovative solutions that respond to the specific conditions of a site, city or region, and the aspirations of the communities who use them.